Queue simulator

  • When you wait in queue for a game just for it to load only 5 players, then boot everyone back out to the main menu, then (since someone was already in queue and since you are not) by the time you queue up again, everyone else is in game and you have to wait for them to finish. I’m being punished for the game not properly loading and not being put back into the queue when it does not. I’ve spent more time crashing/in queue since patch 3.2/3.2.1 than actually in game.

    I suggest loading players into a practice match until 6 players are found and fully load into the game. In the pre-game practice everyone will have infinite ammo, access to all items, respawn if they were to die/be voted out (3 votes vote to respawn in practice), have no character perks, and the ability to drink/transform at night (zone 1 and 3 permanently day, zone 2 night? or only access to zone 1 and 2 for practice? or no infected play in practice). When the 6th player finally loads, they also load into the practice game, which begins the 20 second countdown before the start of the round all players wake up with their perks etc. and the game starts. This will give players something to do rather than waiting in the main screen lobby, potentially remedy any/all less than 6 man games and/or queue problems.

    If not that, at the very least requeue someone who unsuccessfully joins a game automatically and prioritize people who have been waiting in queue longer to enter a game. My thoughts and suggestions.

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