Modification needed for 1st room

  • Hello everyone,

    I think Deceit need two modifications:
    -The first one, delete the ability to get up someone before the counter is under 5 seconds, because in the actual situation, the two infects can revive themselves continuously in the first room, just waiting for the night. Unless survivors down both of them in the same second, it’s impossible to do anything, and just a stupid situation.
    -The other thing concern the antidote. When killers have it, they can just rush blood and kill two people, then it’s win. I don’t know how to balance it, but it’s not really effective :s Maybe an item that protect the survivor for being executed? I don’t know…

    Thanks for read, Bye.

  • Administrators

    So the argument against this would be to work with your team. If you can work with your team it will be a 4 v 2 and the 4 should never lose


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